Books by Christine Smith

Lostlifcover in Faith. It could take faith to…

An unforgettable and  remarkable story that inspires from start to finish.

Christine has been asked time and again over many years to have her journals published but always declined. However, a Bible verse prompted her that her story could be of help to others during their own trial of faith, “God, who comforts us in trial so that we may be able to comfort others in trial” (2 Corinthians 2:4).

Lost in Faith is reputed to be a page turner.

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Devotional Publishing 2009. ISBN 9780956007803. Pb 254. £9.99. Free p+p. UK.

Htmy3He Trains My Hands For Battle. A journey into the unknown.

The sequel to Lost in Faith.

One morning Christine awoke to some life-shattering news that would destroy their happy family unit for ever. But she was determined to fight the battle that would be the biggest in her life! On her journey she learned vital spiritual lessons whenever faced with the impossible.

Do you need an answer to prayer? Do you need a miracle? Always be prepared!

Sample Chapters:

* Chapter 1. An unwelcome visitor

* Chapter 3.  A vision!

* Chapter 4: “Aliens are coming mommy”

* Chapter 5: This is not the day the Lord has made!

* Chapter 9: Two Angels.

* Chapter 10: Kojak.

* Chapter 13: A Gypsy!

* Chapter 16: ‘We don’t know what to do!’

* Chapter 21: It can’t be true!

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Devotional Publishing 2015. ISBN 9780956007810. Pb 196. £8.99. Free p+p. UK.


Daughtdaughtersers Under Trial 

If you are looking for answers or fresh insights into God’s word, you will be nothing less than enthralled with Daughters Under Trial.

Although Christine wrote this book with ‘daughters of the heavenly Father’ in mind, men comment how these messages impacted their Christian life for the good too!

Sample Chapters:

Chapter 2: Test your favourite Ruby!

Chapter 15: An awesome holiday?

Chapter 18: Are you rejected?

Chapter: 20: The test of marriage!

Chapter 21: Do you make any?

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Devotional Publishing ISBN 9780956908827 Pb. 182p. £7.99. Free p+p. UK.

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