A word from the author…


Hello and welcome. I am Christine Smith.

I can guarantee, that the lessons I was forced to learn to survive my unexpected trials of faith – will help you through yours! This is the only reason I allowed my private journals to be published!

I feel humbled how my story has encouraged, uplifted, and given hope to many.

I was converted at twelve years of age. From that day my life was dedicated to the Lord.

My Father was a Pastor, and I helped in most aspects of his Church.

I am married to a minister.

I read my Bible faithfully.

But when I was abruptly severed from all Christian contact upon being called to take the gospel to gypsies living in caves, I felt totally lost!

All the possessions I had left was my Bible. To my surprise I found less familiar Scriptures for anyone and everyone during a time of trial and I learned the secret of how to be ‘lost’ in faith, rather than to be lost ‘in’ faith, if you see what I mean.

My books are not just another of those stories – they pertain to YOU!

*Lost in Faith. It could take faith to…

*He Trains My Hands For Battle. A journey into the unknown (sequel to Lost in Faith).

*Daughters Under Trial (23 eclectic messages for Christian women of all ages).

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Enquiries & contact email livingdevotons@gmail.com

God Bless You.


My next book out soon. Keep posted.

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