About Christine…


A ‘daughter of the heavenly Father’ –  with nothing to boast of except in the cross of Jesus Christ.

“We will boast in the name of our Lord” (Psalm 20:7).

“Having cancelled out the decrees against us having nailed them to the cross” (Colossians 2:14)

My burdens:

My greatest passion is God’s word and to show how exciting the Bible is! Whenever I write, my aim is to persuade and enlighten but always with Scriptures to back up everything I say. I didn’t write the Bible – I just believe it!

My burning desire is proving the Bible is anything but a boring book and comments show that the Lord has given me the desire of heart.

I have a particular burden for anyone going through a trial of faith having gone through the fire myself. For this reason I started a Christian Agony Aunt column for Christian women to be able to share a secret problem anonymously, and it has helped many women www.christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com

My interests and hobbies:

*Writing messages on trials of faith. I have kept a devotional journal for as long as I can remember and I highly recommend it. *My Christian Agony Aunt column for women. *Worship music – my taste being: Helen Shapiro’s Messianic cds, the Oslo choir, Songs Of Praise, Maranatha singers, Gaither vocal band, Guy Penrod, The Cathedrals, 2nd half quartet, Agel voices Libera, Lion of Judah. Don Moen. *Playing the piano & accordion. *My grandchildren. *Keeping up with news to know how to pray and what to write about. *Growing cacti as cacti need little care as we travel. *Walking. *Swimming. *Baking. *Watching a classic or true movie.

My books:

>Lost in Faith. My personal account of when my husband and I along with our two young sons took a leap of faith to take the gospel to gypsies living in the caves of Spain during the dictatorship Franco regime.

>He Trains My Hands For Battle. A journey into the unknown.  The Sequel to Lost in Faith. Early one morning I awoke to some life-shattering news that would destroy our happy family unit for good! I was determined to fight the battle and learned vital spiritual lessons whenever faced with the impossible!

>Daughters Under Trial. Although I wrote these messages for ‘daughters  of the heavenly Father’  – these 24 messages on trials of faith apply to all, man or woman.

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My next book out soon. Keep posted. .

Visit my Christian Agony Aunt. www.christianagonyaunt.wordpress.com