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Lost in Faith. It could take faith to…

It was during the cruel rule of General Franco in Spain, that Christine and her husband Chris received an extremely unusual and sudden call via a dream to take the gospel to Gypsies living in the mountain caves of Almeria Spain. Their denomination was unable to send them due to financial constraints, so they took a giant leap of faith, and sold all in UK, and went with their two young sons, trusting the Lord, inspired by Hebrews 11.

On their journey to this little known poverty-stricken location, they didn’t know if Gypsies in caves would really exist! But the call was so inexplicable, they went in a tiny dilapidated caravan.

On arrival, they were amazed to learn they were the very first to arrive there with the Gospel and Bibles, and found themselves faced with extreme opposition and danger.

Table of contents:

Chapter one: It could take faith… to walk all alone!

Chapter three: It could take faith… to be brave.

Chapter four: It could take faith… to be a helpmate!

Chapter six: It could take faith… to resign to the unexpected!

Chapter seven: It could take faith… to choose.

Chapter eight: It could take faith… to keep quiet!

Chapter nine: It could take faith… to wait!

Chapter ten: It could take faith… to work unnoticed.

Chapter eleven: It could take faith… to lose a good reputation!

Chapter twelve: It could take faith… to replace family relationships.

Chapter thirteen: It could take faith… to believe He has a plan.

Chapter fifteen: It could take faith.. to enjoy!

Chapter seventeen: It could take faith… not to be afraid.

Chapter eighteen: It could take faith… to remember.


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