What people are saying…


“Your books are brilliant! I am re-reading them incase I missed something. Hurry up and write more!” (Mrs M, pastor’s wife. UK).

“I have bought 6 Lost in Faith and 6 of the sequel for Christmas gifts! My entire family must have one each! And I am using them in our Bible studies” (Ministers wife, USA).

“I read many Christian books but I have never read books as quickly as yours! Every single chapter you write has something new and I can’t wait to read the next. I am ordering more books to pass around” (Grace, Legal Secretary, Lancashire, UK).

“You have an immense talent for the written word. Your books will be an inspiration to many. I can’t stop reading them” (Headmistress USA).

“I highly recommend these books! A must read!” (Jacob Prasch, Moriel Ministries).

“Can’t put your books down. You have a special talent for relaying messages. I love the way you choose scriptures that are less known, yet so powerfully fit each situation”  (Business woman, USA).

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Bulk orders/enquiries/problems with an order email livingdevotions@gmail.com

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One comment on “What people are saying…

  1. I bought Daughters under Trial for my Wife & I read it too. Amazing Book, Inspirational!
    Stuart Kirkham.

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